Specs: Specialized training, talents, and tricks. Any Rating of character may purchase any Rating of Spec, so long as he meets the prerequisites. Some Specs are listed at multiple ratings, in which case a character may choose one of them.

Other Specs, particularly Tiered Specs and Fighting Styles, are listed in a tiered set. In this case, a character must purchase them in order from lowest rating to highest. Such specs will often have prerequisites listed Prerequisite: x, y, z. In such a case, x is the prerequisite for the first tier, y along with the Tier 1 spec is the prerequisite for the Tier 2 spec, and z along with the Tier 1 and 2 specs is the prerequisite for the Tier 3 spec.

When a Spec is negative, a character instead receives XP equal to the amount it would take to purchase a normal Spec of the equivalent Rating. A character may only receive bonus XP from up to 5 points of negative specs.

Rating 1

Absolute Pitch: You can tell a specific pitch by hearing it, and can produce specific notes on command. Gain a +2 bonus to all Perform checks that involve musical ability.

Attack Focus: Prerequisite: Proficient with selected weapon or attack, Attack Pool Max Result 10. Specify an attack mode with which you are proficient. You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls with one specific weapon or attack, chosen at the time of purchase. You may take this spec multiple times; each time, it applies to a different type of attack.

Attractive: You are physically attractive to those attracted to your gender. Gain a +2 bonus to Social rolls against such people. This bonus does not apply to Social Stat-based Attacks that deal damage.

Extra Profession: You may choose a second Stat + Skill combination to use with your Wealth score.

Minor Celebrity: You are well-known in certain circles. Gain a +2 on Social rolls vs. people that know who you are. This power bonus not apply to Social Stat-based Attacks that deal damage.

Style-Conscious: You keep up with all the latest trends, styles, and designer lines. You gain a +2 bonus to Social rolls in situations where you have had opportunity and taken time to dress for the occasion. This power bonus not apply to Social Stat-based Attacks that deal damage.

Juggler: Prerequisite: Physical Finesse d6: You can juggle 3-5 small, nearly identical items. You gain a +2 bonus on Athletics checks to catch or throw items.

Sharp Sense: Specify Sight, Hearing, Smell/Taste, or Touch. You gain a +2 bonus to Perception rolls focusing on a particular sense.

Rating 2

A-Lister: Prerequisite: Minor Celebrity. Everyone knows your name. The +2 bonus to Social rolls vs. those that would recognize your celebrity gained from Minor Celebrity increases to +5.

Beginner’s Luck: The first time in a scene you roll a stat die untrained, add +5 to the roll. A roll of 1 on the die does not constitute a botch.

Broad Study: Prerequisite: Skill max result 8. Choose one skill for which you must specify a chosen field: Academics, Science, or Perform. When rolling that skill untrained for a field of study you have not purchased, you may instead roll a d4.

Climate-Adapted: Prerequisite: Survival Max Result 6. Choose an extreme but survivable climate: Desert (hot), Desert (cold), Jungle, Mountains, Swamps, at Sea, high-gravity, etc. You gain a +5 bonus to Survival checks in such areas, and may take the average when rolling to survive in such areas. This Spec may be taken more than once; each time, it applies to a different environment.

Deep Breath: Add your Athletics Max result to the number of rounds you may hold your breath before suffering the effects of suffocation.

Double-Masters: Skill max result 10. Choose one skill for which you must specify a chosen field: Academics, Science, or Perform. You may choose a second field of study governed by the same purchase of that skill. Purchases of Specialist still only affect one field.

Eidetic Memory: You may recall anything you’ve read, witnessed, or experienced with perfect clarity. The GM may allow you to make Mental Might + Perception or Academics rolls retroactively to recall information that might not have been significant at the time.

Fashionista: Prerequisite: Style-Conscious. The +2 bonus to Social rolls gained from Style-Conscious increases to +5.

Fast Reaction: You gain a +2 bonus to Initiative rolls. You may take this Spec multiple times; its effects stack.

Gymnast: Prerequisite: Physical Finesse + Athletics (Combat Skill Version) max result 10. You are trained in gymnastics. You gain +1 to dodge attacks and a +2 to all Athletics checks involving movement, including climbing, balancing and jumping.

Hacker: Prerequisite: Mental Might + Computer Max Result 10. You gain a +2 bonus to any Computer roll to breach the security of another system, or when mounting a defense against a resisted computer roll.

Improvised Weapon: You may pick up nearly any item and use it as a weapon. When using an improvised weapon, you take only a -2 penalty instead of -5. The item typically deals base Hit damage, though it may deal Wound damage if appropriate, per GM approval.

Linguist: You are fluent in reading, writing, and speaking one additional language. This spec may be taken multiple times; each time, choose a different language. Special: every character is automatically fluent in their native language.

Master Juggler: Prerequisite: Physical Finesse d8, Juggler. You can juggle several objects at once, or a few of them of wildly disparate shapes. Reduce any penalties to catch or throw extremely strange or dangerous objects by 2.

Perfect 10: Prerequisite: Attractive. Social Might max result 8. You are considered one of the most attractive members of your gender, enough so you may engender feelings of jealousy in those inadvertently humbled by your beauty. The bonus gained from Attractive increases to +5, but you take a -2 penalty on Social rolls against those not attracted to your gender.

Preternatural Sense: Prerequiste: Sharp SenseThe bonus you receive from one purchase of Sharp Sense increases to +5.

Specialized Weapon Training: Prerequisite: relevant attack pool max result 10: You are trained in the use of one specialized weapon, chosen at the time of purchasing this Spec. You may purchase this Spec multiple times. Each time, specify one different Specialized Weapon.

Speed Hacker: Prerequisite: Hacker. Mental Finesse + Computer Max Result 15. You may take Computer actions while in combat, provided you have access to your personalized equipment you’ve set up for such applications.

Target Weak Point: Prerequisite: Attack Focus. When using a Vital Strike with your specified Attack Focus to negate the damage downgrading effects of Scale, the damage dealt to a target is downgraded up to two steps less than normal.

Vehicle Proficiency: Prerequiste: Drive Max Result 6. Specify a class of land or water vehicle other than automobiles: Motorcycles, speedboats, tractor trailers, tanks, hovercrafts, etc. You may use your Drive skill with that class of vehicle.

Rating 3

Adaptive Defense: Prerequisite – Mental Finesse Max Result 8. When you defend against an attack, you may specify that attack and the defense used. If you defend against the same attack from the same source using the same defense in the same combat, gain a +2 to that defense. You may only specify one combination at one time. If you are attacked in a different manner in the same combat, you may specify that new attack instead, gaining a +2 to your specified defense if you suffer that same attack again.

Called Shot: Prerequisite: Finesse-based Attack Pool max result 20, Attack Focus w/ specified attack. Your Vital Strike penalties with a specific weapon or attack are reduced from -5 to -2. If you choose to apply multiple Vital Strike effects to a single attack, this reduction only applies to the first one. Normal: A Vital Strike incurs a -5 penalty.

Crafter: Specify one Skill. That skill may be used to craft items for use with that skill. Firearms may be used to craft guns and ammunition, Computer may be used to craft microchips and build PC’s, Repair may be used to modify automobiles. A character may buy non-combat versions of a Combat skill for use with this Spec.

Get the Drop: Prerequisite: Attack Pool Max 15, Mental Finesse + Perception Max 15.
When attacking an Unaware or Helpless opponent within melee or the base range of a ranged weapon, add one threshold to a successful attack.

Giant Slayer: Prerequisite: Attack Focus: Any Weapon or Unarmed. Attacks from your specified attack form gain the effects of one level of Scaling leverage, and are considered one Rating higher for purposes of a target’s Invulnerability.

Hundred-Hand Strike: Prerequisite: Attack Focus: Unarmed. Physical Finesse Max Result 8. When fighting with a single one-handed weapon or with both hands bare, you may act as if Dual Wielding, using Unarmed Strikes in place of normal weapons.

Moving Strike: Prerequisite: Base Movement Rate including penalties 8m. You may use your Action to attack at any point while using your Move for movement.

Pilot: Prerequisite: Drive Max Result 8. Specify a class of air vehicle: ultralight, passenger plane, helicopter, jetpack, etc. You may use your Drive skill with that class of air vehicle.

Precise Aim: Ranged Attack Pool 15, Attack Focus: Any Ranged: You may use a Vital Strike with your specified attack to avoid the chance of hitting one target in your line of fire.

Press the Attack: Prerequisite: Unarmed or Melee Attack max result 20, Attack Focus with attack. Once per action, if you successfully attack a target but deal no damage or effects, you may immediately attack that target again with the same attack method. For example, this would apply if your attack hits but the target’s armor negates the damage. This counts as a Reroll effect.

Set for Area: Prerequisite: Attack Focus: Any attack with the Set for Area condition. Most attacks which target an Area or Multiple Targets take an automatic -2 penalty to all rolls compared to single-target attacks. If a character first takes a move to Set for Area, this penalty for the specified attack is negated. If a character moves or is moved from a space after Setting for Area, it must Set for Area again in the new location to regain this reduction.

Special Attention: Attack Pool 15, Attack Focus with specified Full Auto weapon: The penalty for area autofire is only -2 vs. one target of your choice. It is still -5 for every other target.

Sweeping Blow: When you make a successful Melee or Unarmed attack, you may make another identical attack as a free action on a second, separate target with a -2 penalty. This may be purchased multiple times. Each time, you may target one additional enemy with a -2 penalty. Any one target may only be attacked once by that character during an Action in which a character benefits from this Spec. This Spec is subject to the Set for Area condition.

Unbalance Opponent: Prerequisite: Attack Pool 15, Attack Focus with Attack used. Whenever you successfully attack a target, whether or not you deal damage or other effects, the target takes a -2 penalty to defenses until the end of your next turn.

Water-Walker: Prerequisite: Physical Finesse + Athletics Max Result 20, Super Speed 3×1 attached to Running. You may run on water. Rough, wavy seas may require a Physical Finesse + Athletics check to navigate. If you fail this roll, or take any Action while on water which is not movement, you sink into the water after that action. Using Move-By Attack allows you to remain above water. If you Charge, you sink after resolving your charge attack.

Zen Master: Prerequisite: Mental Finesse max result 8. Specify an attack skill used with Physical Finesse. When using that skill, you may substitute Mental Finesse for Physical Finesse when rolling or determining a static value.

Tiered Specs

Dual-Wielding 1, 2, 3
Prerequisite: Attack Focus with weapon(s) wielded. Attack Pool w/ selected weapons max result 10, 15, 20, wielded weapons balanced for dual-wielding. Normal: when wielding a weapon in each hand, you may attack once. At Dual Wielding 1, when wielding two weapons, your Attack may have up to two targets. Each weapon may impart any secondary effects on only one target. If you attack two targets, take a -5 penalty to both attacks. At Dual-Wielding 2, this penalty is reduced to -2. At Dual-Wielding 3, a character takes no penalty for having two targets.

Harmony of Action 1, 2, 3
Prerequisites: Both specified Might and Finesse Max results 8, 10, 12
1. Specify Physical, Mental, or Social when choosing this spec. If the Maximum results of both Might and Finesse for that category are within 5 of each other, gain a +1 to rolls for both.
2. If the Maximum results of both are within 2 of each other, increase the bonus to +2.
3. If the Maximum results of both are equal, increase the bonus to + 3.

Special: Apply only 1/2 the bonus from Super Stat: Might solely for the purpose of deteriming this equality. Thus, a character with SS: Physical Might and SS: Physical Finesse both at the same Rank and Rating would count both bonuses equally for purposes of this spec.

Specialist 1, 2, 3:
Prerequisites: Chosen skill Max Result 8, 10, 12.
1. Choose an area of study for one of the following skills: Academics, Science, Expression. You gain a +2 bonus to rolls under that circumstance. This spec may be taken more than once; each time, you specify another field of study.
2. Specify a field of study for which you have purchased Specialist Rank 1. You may take the average for non-attack rolls with that area of study, even during combat.
3. Once per Encounter, you may reroll a non-attack roll with the specified area of study before the GM determines the result. You may not benefit from this when benefitting from any other reroll mechanic. In addition, the +2 bonus from Specialist 1 increases to +5.

Skill Mastery 1, 2, 3:
Prerequisite: Skill die type 8, 10, 12.
1. When purchasing Skill Mastery, select one skill. If you roll a 1 on the skill die, you may choose to reroll it, so long as your Stat die was not also a 1. You must accept the second result. You may not benefit from this Spec when benefitting from any other Reroll mechanic.
2. As with Skill Mastery 1, but reroll on a 1 or 2.
3. As with Skill Mastery 2, but reroll on a 1, 2, or 3.

Wealthy: 1, 2, 3

0. Lower Class (Normal): You generally do not have to worry about their next meal, but perhaps are not so sure about the one tomorrow or next week. You are not starving, but balk at any unnecessary purchases, even small ones. You own little if any personal property; at best some stock weapons and minor gear. You rent an economy domicile if you have a permanent residence.
1. Middle Class: You make a comfortable living working, own a modest home and an economy vehicle, and could stop working and not be out of house and home for up to six months.
2. Upper Class: You have more than one steady source of income, both in occupation and some form of residual income. You own a large home and moderate luxury vehicle, and have some hired help to aid them in its upkeep.
3. Super-Rich: You want for nothing. You own a lavish home, if not more than one, and the best vehicles money can buy, if not several. You have no need to work, though if you choose to do so, you easily pull in more in one month than most people make in a decade if not longer. You can buy anything readily available for purchase, and some things that even may not be for sale, subject to availability and GM approval. Only things normally the purview of governments or multi-national corporations even require a roll on your part.

Fighting Styles: 1, 2, 3

Archer: Prerequisite: Phys. Finesse + Archery Max Result, 10, 15, 20; Attack Focus: Bow
1. Quick-Nock – You may knock arrows as a free action as part of spending an Action to attack with a bow.
2. Double Arrow: You may shoot two arrows with the same attack. You may attack up to two targets, both of which must be within and no farther apart from each other than your base range. You take a -5 to each of these attacks. Alternatively, you may attack one target with a +2 bonus.
3. Lethal Bowman: The penalty to attack two targets with a single attack is reduced to -2 each. Alternatively, if you attack only one target, you add one threshold of damage to a successful attack.

Commando: Prerequisite: Phys. Finesse + Firearms Max result 10, 15, 20 Attack Focus: Any two-handed firearm capable of autofire.
1. Eyes in the back of your Head: Gain a +2 to Perception rolls to avoid being surprised.
2. Combat Focus: Subtract 2 from the total of all your penalties when attacking with a firearm, including wound penalties, maneuvers, etc.
3. Fire Support: When taking the Covering Fire action with a two-handed firearm capable of semi-auto or full auto fire, attacks provoked by enemies as a result of this take only a -2 penalty, instead of the the normal -5. This reduction stacks with the Reduction from Commando 2.

Combat Wielder 1, 2, 3 Prerequiste: Wield Power Pool Max Result 10, 15, 20. Rank 3×1 of a Power governed by Wield Power.
Special: When purchasing this Spec Tree, specify one Power to govern it. If the Power is Nullified, you may not benefit from this Spec Tree.

-Defensive 1: You may spend an Action to use your Stat + Wield Power to calculate an Active Defense. Regardless of your Power’s Duration, this effect has a Conscious duration.
-Reactive 2: If you are threatened by an incoming attack or danger of which you are aware, you may sacrifice your next Action on your next turn to activate this power immediately as a free action. If applied to Attack, this only allows a defensive use of the power, and does not grant an Attack Action.
-When an attack opposed by your Wield Power pool Defense misses, you may immediately make a Counterattack against that attacker with a -5 penalty if the target is within range. If the Power does not allow an attack, you may instead reflect the attack back at the origin, applying an attack against the attacker using their attack pool with a -5 penalty. If applied to a Movement power, Flight, Super Speed, or Teleport, you may instead take an immediate Move with the power as a free action, at 1/2 your normal move speed. Any of these effects counts as a Counterattack for that turn.

Defender 1, 2, 3

1. Human Shield: When you grant cover to an ally versus a ranged attack, that cover bonus is +5 instead of +2. In addition, allies adjacent to you gain a +2 cover bonus to Melee and Unarmed attacks.
2. Interpose: Once per round, when an ally is targeted by an attack, you may sacrifice your next upcoming Move to take a movement action to interpose yourself. You must end your movement providing cover for an ally against a ranged attack, or adjacent to an ally currently being targeted by a melee or unarmed attack.
3. Take one for the team: Whenever an attacker targets an ally adjacent to you with a melee or unarmed attack, or targets an ally to whom you are granting cover with a ranged attack, you may sacrifice your next upcoming Action to become the target of that attack in their place. If the attack was melee or unarmed and you were not within range of it when the attacker originally declared it, you switch places with your ally.

*Special: You may use Interpose and Take one for the Team both in reaction to the same attack, or against different attacks, should circumstances permit.

Escape Artist – Prerequisite: Physical Finesse + Athletics 10, 15, 20.
1. You gain a +2 to all defenses against all Grabs and Grab effects, except rolls made to take control of a grab from you.
2. You may roll Physical Finesse + Athletics as part of a Move to escape from a Grab or Pin. On a success, the Grab ends, and you may move away normally.
3. The Defense bonus from Escape Artist 1 against Grabs and Grab effects increases to +5. In addition, you may make a melee counterattack with a -5 penalty once per round against anyone that misses a Melee Grab attack against you.

Field Commander – Prerequisite: Social Might Max Result 6, 8, 10, Max result 8 in at least three combat skills.
1. You may spend a Move to Aid Another instead of an Action.
2. When you attack a target and miss, you may immediately grant an Aid another bonus to the next one of your allies to attack the same foe.
3. If you spend an Action to aid another to attack a specific target, all allies numbering up to half your Social Might max result gain the Aid bonus against that specific enemy until the start of your next turn.
*No character may benefit from more than one of your Aid actions on a given roll.

Front-Line Warrior – Prerequisite: Physical Might or Finesse-based Melee or Unarmed Attack pool 10, 15, 20, Attack Focus
Special: At the time of purchase, choose Physical Might or Finesse and the skill governing your Attack Focus. The following benefits apply when you wield that method of attack.

1. Redoubt: You may take an Action to apply the effects of a Guard until the start of your next turn. This does not delay your initiative as normal. If Move or take another Action, the effects end. You may still Guard normally. In addition, if you are a Rating 1 character, Passive Defense and Damage Reduction bonuses from mundane armor stack with bonuses from Rating 1 powers. Multiple bonuses from different powers still do not stack with each other.
2. Hold the Line: Aid actions made to attack you only grant +1 instead of +2. This bonus maxes out at +5 as normal. Minions taking an automatic Aid +1 action instead apply a +1 for every second minion performing the Aid action.
3. Punish: When an enemy within reach of your specified attack form moves away from you or makes an attack which does not include you as a target, you may make an attack with your specified attack form against that enemy as a counterattack with a -5 penalty. If you are Guarding, you may make this Counterattack once per each qualifying enemy’s turn, but may not use any other Counterattacks in a turn where you have used Punish, and may not use Punish in a turn if you have already used another Counterattack.

Gunslinger – Prerequisite: Phys. Finesse + Firearms Max result 10, 15, 20, Attack Focus: Any one-handed firearm.
1. Ready: Gain a +2 to all initiative rolls when you are not surprised.
2. Quick-Draw: You may draw one-handed firearms as part of an Action in which you use them to attack, so long as they are slung conveniently for drawing.
3. Deadeye: Once per round, add one threshold to an already successful attack with a one-handed firearm.

Martial Artist – Prerequisite: Phys Might or Finesse + Unarmed. max die pool result 10, 15, 20, Attack Focus: Unarmed
1. Black Belt: You may upgrade or downgrade the base damage type of your unarmed attacks one step at will when declaring an attack. If your attack already does base Maiming damage, add one level of Maiming to the attack. This spec has no effect on Powers based on your Unarmed skill. Also, you may parry melee and unarmed attacks of one damage type higher than normal with your Unarmed skill.
2. Kip-Up: Once per round, you may stand up from Prone automatically as a free action.
3. Counterstrike: Once per round, if you successfully parry an attack, you may make an Unarmed Counterattack against that attacker with a -5 penalty.

Ninjutsu – Prerequisite: Physical Finesse + Athletics Max Result 10, 15, 20. Attack Focus: Unarmed. Martial Artist.
1. Ninja Training: You gain a +2 on all Finesse-based Athletics rolls and Stealth rolls, and become proficient with all Ninja-style weapons.
2. Roll with it: If you defend from an attack with Evasion and the attacker defeats your defense by 5 or more over your defense, subtract one threshold of success from the attack.
3. Ninja Vanish: If you begin and end movement or double movement in Concealment, you do not break Stealth. In addition, you may take an Action to treat all observers as distracted until the end of your turn.

Samurai – Prerequisite: Phys Might or Finesse + Melee. max result 10, 15, 20, Attack Focus: Any Sword
1. Iaijutsu: You may draw a sheathed blade as part of an attack Action made with it.
2. Vengeful Determination: If you successfully hit your target but deal no damage, on your next turn you gain a +5 bonus to attack the same target with the same weapon. This bonus is not cumulative on subsequent rounds.
3. Preemptive Strike: Once per enemy per encounter, if an enemy attacks you with a Melee or Unarmed attack, your hands are free, and you have a sheathed blade on your person, you may draw that weapon and make a melee attack against that enemy before he resolves his attack. If the attack incapacitates the enemy, you may re-sheath your weapon as a free action. This counts as a counterattack.

Sniper: Prerequisites: Attack Focus: any Rifle, Perception 6, Stealth 6, Firearms total max result 10, 15, 20
1. Unseen: You gain a +2 bonus to Stealth checks. If you attack from Concealment while your opponent is unaware of you, you may immediately make a new Stealth roll with a -5 penalty to remain hidden, so long as you are prone and do not move. This penalty is cumulative, increasing by 5 each time this is attempted until you move.
2. Take the Shot: If you start a combat by firing an Aimed single rifle shot in a surprise round, you do not take any penalties for a single Vital Shot with that attack.
3. Lethal Marksman: Add one threshold to any successful attack made against an unaware target with an aimed shot from a rifle.

Staff Fighter: Attack Focus: Staff, Phys. Might or Finesse + Melee. 10, 15, 20
1. Practiced Wielder: You gain a +1 bonus to parry attacks with a staff.
2. Intelligent Advantage: Gain a +2 bonus to special maneuvers made with a staff, including Trips and Shoves.
3. Lethal Wielder: Add one Hit to all successful attacks with a staff, or convert two Hits to one Wound.

Super-Brawler – Prerequisites: Super Stat: Physical Might 2×1, any Flight or Movement power.
1. Power Charge: When charging using your Flight or Movement power, increase the attack bonus to +2 and remove the Defense penalty.
2. Get off the Mat: You may use a Move to shake off a Hit if you follow it immediately with an Action to Charge. This spec is not modified by Regeneration.
3. Dribble: When you hit someone with a Might-based Melee or Unarmed attack and push them back at least 4 meters, you may immediately charge them with your movement power and attack them with a -5 penalty. This counts as a counterattack.

Two-Weapon Fighting – Prerequisite: Phys. Might or Finesse + Melee max result 10, 15, 20. Dual Wielding 1, 2, 3
1. Versatile Fighting: While wielding a weapon in each hand, if you target only one target with an Attack, add either a +2 bonus to this attack, or if melee weapons, +2 to Active Melee Parry defenses until the start of your next turn.
2. Recovery: When dual wielding, if you Attack only one target and Miss, you may reroll the attack with a -5 penalty. You may not gain this benefit in the same turn in which you benefitted from another reroll effect.
3. Riposte: Once per round, if you parry an opponent’s attack with melee weapons, you may make a counterattack on them with a -5 penalty as a free action. If wielding ranged weapons, you gain this counterattack if you evade a ranged attack.

Prerequisites: Physical Might or Finesse + Unarmed Max Result 10, 15, 20
1. Iron Grip: You gain a +2 to your Defenses when someone you have grappled attempts to take control of the grapple from you.
2. Quick Grab: When you successfully grapple a target, you may immediately apply one of the effects of being grappled to that target.
3. Crush: Using a Vital Strike while dealing unarmed damage against a target you have grappled receives a -2 penalty instead of the normal -5 penalty. This reduction does not stack w/ Called Shot.

FLUX Point Specs:

Special: A character may apply only one of the following methods to any one roll: +5 to one roll (standard), Hail Mary, Perfect Action, Superhuman Action. In addition, all but the +5 to one roll count as reroll mechanics.

Creative Strategy 3: Prerequisite: Mental Might + Tactics Max result 15. A character may take an Action to set up a situation within the environment which proves advantageous against an enemy. To use a Creative Strategy, you must describe a creative use of a power, the environment, or the situation which you could make work to your advantage. Spend a FLUX point, and make a Mental Might + Tactics roll vs. 1/2 that enemy’s Defense. If you hit, you deal no damage or effects. Instead, choose one ally, and one effect a FLUX point can add. The next time that ally attacks that target, it gains the specified FLUX point benefit. Some Actions or FLUX point benefits may not be appropriate for use with this maneuver.

Determined Assault 3: Once per round, whenever you make a successful attack as a Primary attacker that deals no damage or effects, gain a FLUX point.

FLUX Capacitor 1, 2, 3: You may bank a larger maximum amount FLUX points than normal. Each Rating may be purchased once. Each purchase of this Spec allows you to bank one additional FLUX point.

Focus 3: Spend your Action and Move at start of your turn. At start of your next turn, gain a FLUX point.

Fortune Favored 3: Prerequisite: Rating 1 characters ONLY. Gain an additional FLUX point at the start of each encounter.

Great Wall 1: Spend a FLUX Point. Add +2 to all of your Defenses until the start of your next turn.

Hail Mary 3: Prerequisite: Rating 1 characters ONLY. Spend a FLUX Point before rolling, do not gain a normal benefit. Replace any die with a d20, but if that roll that misses, it is automatically considered a botch. This counts as a reroll effect.

Lucky 1,2,3
1. You may spend a FLUX point to add +2 to a roll after the GM has determined its effectiveness or to a Defense vs. one attack after it is rolled. This bonus applies retroactively.
2. You may spend a FLUX point to reroll a Botch.
3. On any roll, if one die shows the max result and the other die shows its max result -1, you score a Critical Success.

Perfect Action 3: Prerequisite: Character Rating 3. Spend a FLUX Point before making a dice roll. Choose one die, do not roll it. Instead, apply its max result to the total after rolling the other die. If the other die rolls a max result, this is considered a double-max result and a Crit. This counts as a reroll effect.

Power Surge 1, 2, 3: At the time of purchase, specify one Power you currently have. Spend a FLUX Point. Until the start of your next turn, you may add one appropriate +1 Mod to the Power. This mod must be appropriate, and is subject to GM approval. The Rating for this Spec is equal to the rating of the Power specified during its purchase.

Second Wind 2: Gain a FLUX Point the first time in an encounter you fill more than half your health track with damage.

Superhuman Effort 3: Prerequisite: Rating 2 Characters only. Spend a flux point before rolling. After rolling, double the result of one die and do not count the other die when determining the total. This counts as a reroll effect.

Negative Specs (Flaws)

Alternative Benefit to Negative Specs: A player may downgrade by one Rating a negative spec that causes situational penalties. If he does so, he gains a FLUX point the first time in a given Encounter when such penalties would apply. If the character selects this option, the character may not spend FLUX points on rolls affected by penalties incurred from that Spec.

It remains up to the GM to determine if a particular flaw is detrimental enough in a particular setting to justify itself.

Rating 1

Choose one thing you require in order to function normally: a narcotic, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. Without a daily dose of your addiction, you cannot function in a normal state. Going one day without this substance imposes a -2 penalty to all actions. After a second day, the penalty increases to -5. This penalty persists until the character receives the source of his addiction, or the flaw is purchased off. In addition, whenever presented with an opportunity to partake of this substance, the character must roll Mental Might + Resolve, DC 10, to avoid it. Even if the flaw is purchased off and the character kicks the addiction, he still must make this check at DC 5 for the rest of his life to avoid partaking again.

Choose one substance common to everyday life to which you are allergic. Exposure to this substance mimics the effects of a mild toxin. Alternatively, choose a more uncommon substance that you might only encounter once per week or month. Exposure to this substance mimics the effects of a severe toxin.

You remember little of your life prior to a certain unremembered traumatic event. The GM will work with you to determine your character’s background, which you may or may not be aware of out of character. Either way, should you ever be confronted with a spectre of your past that has the potential to jar your memory, you suffer a -2 to all actions for an encounter due to disorientation, unless you buy off the flaw and regain your memories.

You are from a society of vastly different culture and capability than that in which you normally find yourself. You may be an immortal Prophet whom missed the past few centuries, or a backwards country rube attempting to fit in within a new environment. You take a -2 to all Social rolls save those involving people from your own small niche culture.

You have a powerful physical attraction to a particular individual. That individual may or may not return your affections; in either case, you cannot bring yourself to confide in that individual your affections, though every interaction you have with them gives them a chance to discern your true intentions. In addition, you take a -2 penalty to all Mental and Social defenses against the target of your crush.

Choose a certain class of being: a species, ethnicity, or nationality, common to the region of the campaign setting. When you encounter an individual of said group, you will go out of your way to insult, harm, or kill them, depending on your capabilities, up to and including moderate personal risk and expense. Ignoring this flaw for an Encounter requires a Mental Might + Resolve roll DC 5 to delay it or 10 to ignore it completely.

You are beholden to a high-technology governing body or magical being whom considers you a substantial investment, liability, or simply wants to track you. Regardless, they’ve implanted you with a way of keeping track of you. Any member of their authorities or someone that has acquired their technology may track you and find your relative distance and direction to their own without any trouble.

You have several strange and neurotic routines which you must follow, such as washing your hands, keeping your personal space immaculate, touching every fencepost along the road, unloading and loading every magazine in your inventory to make sure they’re full, etc. You take a -2 penalty to all actions whenever you are prevented from engaging in your specific behavior on a regular basis.

You have an unreasonable fear of something otherwise innocuous: spiders, heights, the dark, strangers. You take a -2 penalty to all actions whenever the source of your Phobia is present, and a -5 to all actions when forced to confront the source of your Phobia directly.

Second-Class Citizen
You are a member of a lower class portion of your society or society as a whole, and are often ostracized or treated unfairly because of it. This could be based on age, race, religious creed, or even economic standing. You often find yourself subject to arbitrary and harsh expectations and laws designed to keep you oppressed. Take a -5 penalty on any Social rolls whenever attempting to act in a manner above your station within any society that recognizes it, which often includes intimidation or attempting to convince someone of a higher station to do something.

Secret Identity
You maintain a second, secret life. While a few trusted confidants may know the truth, most people know you as either one person or the other. You know people in both lives that would make living either one extremely difficult, should they find out the truth, including seizing assets, threatening loved ones, and other major inconveniences and dangers the GM finds appropriate.

Rating 2

Choose one uncommon substance you might encounter on a weekly or monthly basis. Every round of exposure to this substance causes you to take an unpreventable Hit of damage, shocks you, and gives you a -5 penalty on all actions until the end of your next turn. This Spec is often combined with the Restriction mod on a character’s powers, specifying they may not use a modded power when exposed to their Bane.

You are permanently subject to the Deaf condition.

Kill Switch
In addition to the effects of Lowjacked, anyone that can track you also has the ability to inflict intense pain in you with the touch of a button. When activated as a move, you are stunned and take a -10 to all actions until the end of the activator’s next turn.

Lame (taken twice)
You are permanently subject to the Hamstrung condition. You may take this spec twice; its effects stack.

You are fully unwelcome in most major societies of the campaign world. You take a -5 penalty to all Social interactions beyond those of your closest and most immediate friends, or those that also possess this flaw for the same reasons you do.

Unrequited Love
You are hopelessly, desperately in love with another individual. This individual does not return your affections, but if they are aware you even exist, most likely knows that you have them. You are at a -5 to all Social defenses against them, and go out of your way to aid them, even to the point of great personal risk.

Rating 3

You are permanently subject to the Blind condition.

Bomb in the Head
In addition to the effects of Lowjacked and Kill Switch, an operator of such a device may cause you to explode, dealing 6 levels of unpreventable Maiming damage to you, and an explosion which deals d10d10 W in a radius 6 attack centered on you and d10d10 H in a radius 6 outside of that.

You are instantly recognizable as inhuman, whether an alien, monster, or mutant, you cannot pass as human in any society, and most places will have factions if not the entire active population that will actively seek to slay you. You automatically fail all Social rolls to attempt to persuade them otherwise, with the exception of Intimidate rolls. You will depend upon your friends vouching for you if you want to pass peaceably even for a limited time through such a society.

Plague Rat
You carry a lethal and highly contagious disease. While you yourself are immune to infection, anyone in your vicinity runs a very real risk of becoming infected.


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