Prophecy Systems

Character Origins:
*All PC’s are automatically immune to the Prophecy Strain or have already been affected by it.

Talent and Training: Rating 1 characters only. Everything that’s special about you exists because you bled to get it. Whether the product of a refined military training program or lots of hard lessons surviving in the world, you don’t have what anyone would consider powers, but instead get by with just yourself, a prime example of what a plain old human can achieve if given the chance.

Hyper-tech: Any Rating. Your abilities, while powerful, come from advanced technology, either derived from salvaged alien technology or developed by incredibly talented humans in response to it. All of your non-Rating 1 powers must have the Focus mod attached to them. You may have developed some of it yourself, but you likely had aid from someone else’s work and infrastructure in creating said power.

Prophet: Rating 2, 3 characters only. You survived the Prophecy Strain, coming through still mostly human, though changed and marked. This change may be readily apparent all of the time, or subtle enough you may pass for human until the action starts. Regardless, you have access to powerful and often inexplicable abilities only dreamt of until now. These abilities mark you in human society, often not for the better. You may be detected by someone with Strain Attunement, and the more powerful you become, the more of a beacon you become to them and the Grey Men.


Barter Network Contacts 1: You have mastered the Art of the Deal. You gain +2 to all Wealth Rolls anywhere that has a dedicated and flourishing market. Increase this bonus to +5 in major metropolitan areas. The GM is the final arbiter of what counts as a major metropolitan area.

Religious Figure 1 : You’re an ordained member of a known religious order. You gain a +2 to all social interactions with devout members and followers of your order, and reduce any penalties to social rolls by 2 against anyone that’s not devout but still recognizes your order.

Stalker Merit Badge 1: You’ve cooperated with Stalkers against a Grey incursion. During such time, you picked up some of their customs, and know how best to approach them without them ignoring you or shooting you outright. You gain +2 to all social interactions with Stalkers; +5 if there are incursions of Grey at hand on which you may first demonstrate your dedication to their extermination.

Strain-Attunement: +1, -1, -2: Prerequisite: Prophet origin. The Prophecy Strain virus marked you in an extra-special way. Your mind is attuned to the psychic wave permeating nearly all Grey creations: infected, horrors, and prophets, as well as much of their technology, not to mention the Grey themselves, should you ever be unfortunate enough to come across one. You know whenever you are within the general vicinity of Grey incursions, though you receive no further details without dedicated powers. The distance at which you may sense the Strains is relative to the strength of the incursion. You can often sense when you’re in the same room as a powerful prophet, pinpointing them with a handshake, have entered a small one-road town full of infected, or have come within a mile or two of a large Grey enclave, such as a downed saucer.

+1: You are aware of this presence, and can recognize the psychic music for what it is, but it otherwise does not affect you in any way. This version is the least common; convincing others of your independence may take some effort. You may Roll Mental Might or Finesse + Perception to gain a sense of local strains, with a difficulty set by the GM depending on the proximity, though it does not give you direction. On the other hand, certain powers and technologies only effective against Strain Attuned individuals now affect you.

-1: You know what it means to listen to the “Strains of the Strain,” the beautiful, musical psychic resonance that emanates from nearly everything changed by the Prophecy Strain. In addition to the effects of the +1 version, should you encounter any of the Grey Men themselves or be the target of their technology or creations, take a -2 to all defenses. In any round in which Grey creations were destroyed, take a -2 to all actions and defenses until the end of your next turn as you listen to the psychic backlash, unless you choose to intervene on their behalf. Should you choose to act against anything related to the Grey, the GM will roll an automatic attack based on the local strength of the Strains against your Mental Might + Resilience Defense. Should the roll succeed, you may not act against anything related to the Grey. Mental Defenses including Powers may aid you against this roll, but you still take the aforementioned penalties regardless. On the other hand, if you approach Grey creations in a non-threatening way, they will not attack you.

-2: You often struggle against the hypnotic effects of the Strains. The penalties of Strain Attunement -1 are increased to -5. In addition to the other effects of Strain Attunement -1, directly attacking anything attuned to the Strain causes one unpreventable Hit of damage and shocks you until the end of your next turn.

Special: you must purchase this Spec in order to take powers such as Detection and Telepathy with the Restriciton mod: Only Grey Incursion.

Strain Masking 1/2: Prerequisite: Prophet Origin. Despite your Prophecy Strain-originating power, you do not show up under Strain Attunement, and are not subject to powers that target Strain-Attuned individuals. Rating 2 Prophets take the +1 version; Rating 3 Prophets take the +2 version, as they find it much harder to hide their nature from their would-be masters. This may not be combined with Strain Attunement.

Zealot -1: As Hatred, but with specific religious undertones. You often find more people and societies understanding or dismissive of your hatred, but you are harder to sway from exercising it.

Susceptible -3: Rating 1 characters only; only available at character creation. You have never been exposed to the Prophecy infection. There’s a small chance you may be immune, or even become a Prophet, but more likely you’ll become a ravening horror, seeking to eat and spread the infection throughout the world should you ever have the slightest exposure. Whenever traveling, you must always take additional precautions: biohazard suits, sanitizers, and avoiding any sort of wounds at all costs. Note that active infections are normally not encountered in populated areas, so you have little to fear in a large town. Upon infection, the GM will roll d10. On a 10, you become a Prophet, and work with the GM to respec your character. On a roll of 8-9, you are immune, and need not fear the prophecy infection again. On a roll of 1-7, you will die from the infection and rise again as a corpse.

The Icarus Array

Most people know man once flew, and that something put far up in the skies by alien invaders obliterates anything that attempts to leave the ground. Certain specific groups of scientists and militaries have compiled a bit more information on it, though much of it remains well-supported speculation:

-The Stalkers placed the Icarus Array in orbit toward the end of their war with the Grey.
-The array consists of dozens if not hundreds of satellites in orbit over the entire Earth.
-The targeting system is so smart and difficult to fool it seems nearly sentient. Considering the sighting abilities of human satellites just before everything fell, it would hardly be any trouble for an advanced alien satellite to recognize and target a humanoid target from space, no matter its height above the ground. At the very least, their targeting remains based on line-of-sight, as very heavy tree cover or building roofs prevent things from being targeted, though darkness seems to provide no deterrent.
-Despite their theoretical abilities, their actual targeting parameters seem almost obsessive-compulsive in their specificity, both in what they include and what they don’t. While they are nearly impossible to fool, they only target things which seem to fly under their own power. Buildings and towers are left alone, no matter how tall, as are any sort of ground or water vehicles. Yet, anything the size of a small human or larger that takes to the skies gets obliterated within 5-10 seconds. Even birds such as eagles have been driven to extinction, though smaller birds are left untouched.
-The array fires meter-wide beams of white-hot energy down from the sky. Most people don’t know them to miss. In the rare event that someone has witnessed a target survive an initial strike, multiple beams converge a few seconds later from divergent angles. Scars of charred earth and black glass dot the landscape where the array has claimed its targets over the years.
-No one knows why the array doesn’t simply target the Grey enclaves and wipe them out worldwide.

Icarus Awareness (Mod -1 for Flight): You are well aware of the looming presence of the Icarus Array. You know well not to use your flight powers for more than a few seconds out in the open for fear of fiery obliteration from orbit. Should the Array ever cease to be a danger, the character will buy this mod off.

Prophecy Systems

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