Old Town Chicago

Old Town Chicago (Ganglands)

Chicago went through chaos, rioting, and many kinds of strife following the collapse of civilization in the wake of the Strain. No one gang has ever been strong enough to control all of Chicago for long. However, one gang stands above them all for consistently maintaining control over the core of their territory.

The Old Towners have total control over the underground portions of what was formerly the Chicago Metro, the Pedway, the sewers, and the old formerly abandoned freight tunnels beneath it all. They maintain dominance of these lines through a variety of armored track cars and patrols. Their exclusive control over these areas allows them to dominate the central business district from Old Town in the north, out to the Navy Pier in the east, to the West Loop, extending to South Loop, and all the surviving infrastructure within.

The Old Towners have only a few hundred confirmed members, but many thousands of people occupy the skyscapers and recovered lands in areas within. They are typically called Townies, and pay significant shares of whatever they earn to the Old Town Gangstas as “taxes”. The Old Town Gangsters charge significant tolls for anyone wishing to cross their territory, but many consider their tolls worth paying as they do guarantee safety within their zone. On Sunday, they reduce the tolls for those who come and go to the weekly Market. One noteworthy achievement of the Old Town Gangstas is their restoration of electrical power to the grids within their domain. The source of that power is a carefully guarded secret, but many suspect that captured alien technology is involved.

They are led by Boss Richie Daley, who rules from within the heavily armored Daley Tower (formerly known as Willis or Sears) which affords their artillery exceptional sight lines across every approach. Various parts of his Town are delegated to the Captains, one for each neighborhood, who make up the Executive Council.

Daley’s enforcers have adopted the old matte black metropolitan police riot gear, though modified through the use of face concealing blue motorcycle helmets. The Daley family itself, and the Executive Council of Old Town, are famous for living it up at night while impeccably dressed in vintage (or vintage reproductions) of suits and dresses from the 1920s. Their graceful beauty, and high antics are invariably the talk of the town.

Old Town Chicago

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