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Vampire is a template that may be added on to an existing character. Applying the Vampire template to a character costs 50 XP. A character that becomes a vampire must pay off the vampire template with all available XP before making another purchase. All Vampires are Rating 3 characters. Any traits a Vampire may not have must be sold back per normal for XP.


A vampire gains a Thirst track. Each evening when it awakes, it moves one step down on the Thirst track. Each time it successfully feeds, it moves one step up on the Thirst track. Successfully feeding includes a successful Bite attack during a grapple, drinking from a willing human host, drinking a pint of stored human blood, or drinking at least a quart of animal blood. Drinking Animal Blood may not move the Vampire higher than their highest Thirsty slot, and human blood stored long enough to lose the natural warmth of the human body may not move them higher than their highest Sated slot.

Thirst Track:

-Gorged: the vampire is flush with power. All Powers work normally. At the end of any encounter in which the vampire is Gorged, it moves down to Sated.

-Sated: The default state maintained by most vampires. Any of the following Rating 3 powers are treated as Rating 2 while the vampire is Sated:

Mental Shield
Super Speed
Super Stat

Any other Rating 3 powers are automatically Nullified.

-Thirsty: The vampire feels a powerful urge to feed. All of the above listed powers are treated as Rank 1. Any other Rating 2 or 3 powers are automatically Nullified. It gains the Weakened condition in any situation in which it is not actively trying to feed.

-Ravenous: The vampire’s motivation is reduced to an all-consuming hunger, and it has trouble relating to humans beyond a predator-prey relationship. It feels weakened and desperate, though remains capable of bursts of vicious energy at the merest possibility of blood. It gains the Weakened x2 condition in any situation in which it is not actively trying to feed. Both seducing a target to become a willing victim of feeding and biting to deal only Hit damage are no longer considered actively trying to feed, as the vampire has lost the self-control necessary to coerce a victim.

-Desiccated: the vampire enters a near-comatose state, appearing dead, as its body does not decay, but slowly desiccates in a fashion easily recognizable as abnormal decay by anyone with a Mental Might + Medicine Max result of 5 or better. It is effectively incapacitated, and cannot move or speak. If presented with a fresh blood supply, it may move feebly toward the source of blood, its motion almost imperceptibly slow.

Special: A Vampire does not move down from Ravenous to Desiccated until a number of nights have passed equal to the maximum result of its unmodified Resilience die.

Special: The vampire may voluntarily gain the benefits of Gorged for one encounter, or roughly five minutes. Afterward, it moves one step down the Thirst track. It cannot do this if it is already Ravenous.

Other Advantages:

-Supernatural: A Vampire gains one rank each of Super Stat: Physical Might 3, Super Stat: Physical Finesse 3, and Regeneration 3. The player may upgrade these Powers with XP as normal.

-Flesh of Marble: A Vampire’s unarmed attacks, whether a bite, strike or grab, deal base Wound damage, and do not subtract a hit per normal Unarmed attacks. It may use its Physical Might + Resilience to calculate a Passive defense vs. attacks that deal base Wound damage. Vampires may apply one damage downgrade against any one attack which is not a Vital Strike. This effect does not stack with Powers, but will stack with mundane armor.

-Natural Predator: A Vampire gains +2 on all Grab rolls and all social rolls made to convince a human to become a willing victim, including seduction.

-Bite: When a Vampire maintains a Grab, it has the option of initiating a Bite as an Action. The vampire rolls Physical Might + Unarmed. On a successful attack that deals damage, the vampire moves up one on the Thirst track.

Alternatively, if the target is willing or helpless, the vampire may roll Mental Might + Resolve vs. DC 5 + one threshold. On a success, the vampire still moves up one on the Thirst track, but the target only takes a single unpreventable Hit of damage. If he fails this roll, the target takes an unpreventable Wound of damage as if the vampire had beaten its defense by the amount by which he missed the target number +5. The DC of this roll increases by a cumulative +2 every time it is attempted against the same target in the same encounter.

-Unliving: Vampires do not die when their health levels fill with Maiming. A vampire only ceases to exist when its heart or head is removed from its body, or when engulfed in Fire or Sunlight while their health track is full of Maiming levels of damage. Vampires automatically stabilize, and do not need to roll when wounded or maimed to avoid taking additional damage.

-Powers: A Vampire may purchase powers thematically appropriate to its vampiric nature, subject to storyteller approval. In addition to the powers listed under the Thirst trait, the following are recommended:

Attack (especially Unarmed or Mental Attacks)
Mental Discipline
Shapeshift (bats, wolves, mist)
Super Speed
Super Stats

All Vampires automatically gain the adaptations:
No Appetite (for food, anyway)

These Adaptations are permanent, and are not Nullified when the Vampire is low on his Thirst track.


-Sunlight: whenever a Vampire enters or starts its turn in direct sunlight, it takes one unpreventable Wound of damage and is Shocked and Weakened x2 until the end of its next turn. Wearing full-body clothing designed specifically to block out sunlight, or indirect exposure to diffused sunlight, such as that reflected by a full moon or in a room with a sunny window, reduces this damage to a Hit and Weakened to x1.

-Garlic: Garlic causes something akin to a severe caustic reaction to vampires. A vampire that makes physical contact with garlic takes one unpreventable Hit of damage as its skin bubbles and peels where it made contact, is Weakened, and is shocked until the end of its next turn. A Vampire may only suffer these effects once per each of its turns.

-Stake through the heart: A wooden stake through the heart instantly Incapacitates a Vampire and makes all of its non-permanent powers cease to function, making it effectively dead so long as the wood remains within the heart. In order to stake a vampire, a character must deal Maiming damage during a Vital Shot made to strike the heart with a wooden weapon, such as a fire-hardened stake, a wooden arrow or crossbow bolt, or even a splintered piece of wooden furniture, though the latter is considered an improvised weapon. Thus, it is much easier to stake a vampire when they are unaware or already incapacitated.

-Creatures of Stasis: A vampire does not age, and its physical appearance will remain a pale, cold reflection of the human it was on the night it became a vampire. While still recognizable as its former self and usually able to pass as human, it clearly has undergone some sort of transformation which marks it as inhuman to the careful observer. It cannot procreate sexually, though it may certainly go through the motions, and often finds it as pleasurable as a human might.

-Predatory Thirst: In many vampires, the sensations caused by feeding often provide a strong euphoria similar to sexual arousal, while coitus itself triggers the Thirst in even a Sated vampire, to the point where they become synonymous with one another, causing many Vampires to combine the two acts whenever possible. Given that the experience can be so pleasurable and the alternative of desiccation so painful, Vampires have trouble passing up the opportunity to feed even when not otherwise hungry, and will gorge themselves whenever possible. If a Vampire wishes to ignore an opportunity to feed from a willing or helpless victim, they must roll Mental Might + Resolve, DC 5+ one threshold. On a failed roll, the Vampire will feed. Note that Weakened penalties from being thirsty apply to this roll.

-Procreation: If a Vampire drains a human of all of its blood to the point where its health track fills with Wounds, then feeds a portion back to the human from its own veins, the human begins a painful transformation that takes place over the space of a day, becoming a newly minted Vampire itself.

-Blood Gift: A human that feeds on Vampire blood gains Rank 2 of Super Stat: Physical Might, Super Stat: Physical Finesse, and Regeneration for an encounter. A human that has drunk a particular vampire’s blood also feels a powerful affinity for that vampire; any Mental or Social defenses of that human’s take a -5 penalty against actions by that vampire, including being targeted by the vampire’s psychic abilities and attempts to find him.

-Superstition: Holy Water, Holy Symbols, Running Water, Grave Dirt, Mirrors: All vampiric associations with these things remains no more than myth, and they react to them the same way a normal human would.

Vampire Specs:

-Extra Reservoir 2, 3 Prerequisite: Vampire
The vampire gains an extra slot on its Thirst Track. At Rating 2, it gains an extra Thirsty slot in between Thirsty and Ravenous. At Rating 3, it gains an extra Sated slot between Sated and Thirsty. A vampire may purchase this Spec up to a number of times where the cumulative rating of all purchased instances is equal to the maximum result of its unmodified Resilience die.

Self-Resuscitation 2:

-While Gorged, in addition to the rest of the effects, the Vampire is adept at passing as its former self. Its flesh warms to the touch, a heartbeat pulses in its veins, and its inhuman nature lessens to the point where even a dedicated medical professional might only notice something odd, but not precisely what.


A werewolf is a Rating 2 character.

-A werewolf gains the Alternate Form power.

-Werewolves may only buy Rating 1 powers outside of the Alternate Form power.

-A werewolf that comes into contact with Silver takes one unpreventable Hit of damage and is Shocked until the end of its next turn.

-A human bitten by a werewolf that survives becomes a werewolf on the next full moon.


Zombies are not characters so much as mindless animated corpses, usually with a hunger for human flesh, and often with a bite which infects a target with its condition.

-Zombies have automatic scores of 2 on all Stats except for Physical Might. It possesses no skills beyond Unarmed and Resilience.

-Zombies gain a +6 on all already successful Physical Might-based rolls and raw totals before dividing.

-Zombies may calculate a passive Resistance-based defense against Wounds. In addition, Zombies do not take wound penalties from Hits or Wounds, and are not Incapacitated until their health track fills with Maiming.

-A successful Vital Strike made to target a zombie’s head with a Wounding or Maiming attack automatically kills the zombie.

Monster Templates

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