Big metal humanoid



Big humanoid made of metal. His exact appearance changes as the metal keeps rearranging itself.

His only visible possession is a steel girder that he calls Mr Smashy Six.

Known to be very strong, highly resistant to physical damage, and able to leap long distances.


Belleville became aware of Lunk when he helped a patrol defeat raiders. After they unloaded their clips at him, and he simply asked them to stop shooting instead of attacking, it became clear that he meant them no harm. He lurks at the edge of Belleville and helps with construction (mostly in the demolition phases), and missions requiring his unusual talents, when asked. Efforts to pay him have so far been unsuccessful, as he doesn’t accept cartridges as payment.

It is not clear if he understands the fundamental idea of commerce. As far as Lunk is concerned, civilization is basically constructed out of wet cardboard that crumples at his touch, so he seems to have given up on the idea of owning things.

Where he came from is unclear, but he is known to have a grudge against the URA.

He currently lives in the basement of a wrecked building at the edge of town.


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