The Train job

[scratched into wall of basement of ruin at edge of town where Lunk sleeps]

January 15, 2119

Like nice people who talk to me and not try to shoot in face, or put bomb in head. Keep giving me bullets for moving stuff. I give bullets back so bullets don’t go crunch and hurt people. Shouty order guy asked me to help against URA. I hate URA, they blowed up my head and made me forget. Happy to help.

Met new people in big building. Weird holy guy named Raziel. Pretty lady in black named Nemesis. Shouty guy said she in charge. Wispy guy in white coat named Doctor something. Job is go to train in trucks. Free people from train. Not hurt people. Not wreck train. Not talk about Belleville. Ok orders. Not mean like URA orders.

Squishy people drived us to train on car that go on tracks. Nemesis pointed out big gun on top train. She good boss to me. I jumped on the train and threw URA people away from big gun. As gentle as I could, but people very breakable. Think they will get better later. Others followed onto train, Raziel flew on with pretty wings, very nice to see. More URA with guns shot at us. Big ugly URA Prophet climb into train ahead. Nemesis said to stop him, so jumped towards. Fragile train roof broke. Climbed out. Big ugly thing try to hurt me, so grabbed it and threw it off train.

More URA men with guns hurt Nemesis. Try to help, but they run away. Big Ugly jump onto back of train. Grabbed and threw off again. Not come back. More URA try to get big gun. Nemesis say to smash big gun, so jump up and down on it. Break train roof again, but broke gun. Sorry about train.

Seed Nemesis in car ahead, asked what to do next. Said back up to stop URA with guns. Jumped up, crunched back through fragile roof. Sorry about train. Climbed up and charged little men. Many many men shot me in face. Hurt a little. Shot in chest with rocket, itched a little. Doctor guy shot rocket back at big crowd, hurt many, scared many. They split train cars to leave us behind.

Not see in front cars so not know if prisoners in. Not see Nemesis for orders. Leaped onto fleeing train car, smashed through roof. No prisoners. Looked in front car, full of engine and little URA men begging me to leave them alone. No prisoners. Left to find Nemesis for new orders.

Found new guy in train car, he was not in big metal building when job orders given. Bloody clothing, but not hurt. Not wearing URA clothing. Think he another Prophet. Standing by cold case, said it was gray man thing. Leaking cold. Said I should wait to see if thing inside dangerous. Case opened, contained small cold frightened woman. Doctor happy to see her, said her name is Maia. She not know own name. Did URA blow up her head? Her head not look like it had been blowed up. She last prisoner to free.

Put prisoners in trucks and drived away. Job done. Some URA were hurt, but Doctor guy did most hurting, not me. I hurt train a lot. Hard not to hurt train, made of thin metal. Wonder if shouty guy will yell at us.

New people ok. Not try to hurt me or tell me to do bad things. Too squishy, will try to keep between them and angry people with guns next time.




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