Stopped on way to Jansen’s, Jason said vehicles approach. Nemesis say to take alive, so I run at them. Cycle rider in lead fall off cycle. Car still chasing. So I charge car. Car hit me. Car wrecked. Shook people out of car. They ran. Naomi helped woman who falled off bike.

She was from Jansen’s. Say hundreds of raiders around Jansen’s. Infected within. Much talk about what to do. Then more car sounds. Big masked man got out of car. Naomi took my arm and walked towards. Man waved white cloth. Said had story to tell. I like stories. Others not trust him. I ask him to tell story.

Man say he woke up from nightmare. Saw Lunk foot crushing to death. Knew Jess Hex dead. I said sorry about squish, squish bad thing. She made Lunk mad. He not sorry. He happy she dead. Said do worse than bomb in head to masked man head. She dead not have to obey. Not have to siege, be mean and shoot people in face. Others say he should just go. Say not so easy. Many raiders hungry. Many raiders look to him as boss. Need excuse to go. Said should fake fight me. Me not know how to fake fight.

Much talk. They not trust mask wearing man. Lunk think man not lie. Lunk had worse than bomb in head and bomb in head. Lunk know. Too much talk for Lunk. After long talk, Raziel make nice to Nemesis. She agree to do good thing, make raiders stop raidering. Make Jansen’s sell to raiders. Nemesis Naomi Raziel need to get into Jansen’s. Told them could dig in. They afraid of digging. Want to fly. Lunk think fly get shot. Tell them he go loud and let mask man theater fight at him. Big noise. Raiders not look at them, raider look at Lunk. They agree.

Lunk, Jason, Igor go to raiders. I bang car together. Big man make shouty show. Lunk not shouty. Mask man say he name Bruticus. I say am called Lunk. Bruticus start fight. Hit Lunk hard. Like truck. I try to grab, but he quick. He strong. He grab and throwed me. He not quick enough for spikes. Lunk spike him. Lunk throw. Lunk flail. Lunk win. Hurt me. But I got better. He got better.

Raiders shout Lunk name. Feel good. Nemesis come out talk to raiders. Got raiders to stop raidering. Got raiders to trade for food. Lunk help.

- Lunk



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