[scratched into wall of Lunk’s cellar]

January 22, 2119

Freed prisoners want return almost home. Not go home, home burnt by raiders. Almost home is Jansen enclave. They tell stories all alike. Raiders attacked. Take away. Raiders give people to URA. URA jab with medicine, put on train. Some taken off train. Them gone.

Group from Belleville talk about what to do. Try to get frozen girl to come with. She scared. Talk about other people and medicine. Dr. Sharpe and Jason (odd guy from train) talk medicine, say that it not medicine, it infected blood. URA making infected. Making Prophets? People from train not safe. URA want to find. Infected blood made different by URA?

Nemesis talk to people from train, tell them not safe to go Jansens. They agree to come to quarantine. Even scared frozen girl with no name agree to come. All go to empty brick building. Say it school.

I like “quarantine”. People not run, stay and talk. I practice spiky stay still move, use to keep angry people with guns close. So not shoot squishy people.

Dr Sharpe show scary pictures on small machine to frozen girl. She scream. Bad things in head. Bad things from past. Tell her not to think of past, past only pain and sadness. Raziel agree. Raziel give frozen girl new name, Naomi. Naomi ok name, not as good as Jenny. But me not talk good like Raziel. No one like my name idea.

Jason and Dr Sharpe make much confusing talk. Not understand, but they happy about ways to blow things up. Maybe blow up people in forts. Not nice. Do I need to bonk on heads to make nicer?

Show Naomi training field. She strong. Show her how to throw car, she stand too close, hit with bumper. Sorry about hit with car. She got up and heal fast, like me, but not made of metal. Better for her, maybe people not shoot her in face like me.

Days go by. Happy time talking and training in quarantine over. King come to school. Say people from train ok to leave. Say bye bye, most go to Jansen’s.

King say to us, need to look for URA who fall off train. Need to look for where train come from for missing infected/prophets. Need to check on Jansen’s in case of URA. Jansen’s less good to me. Shooted at me. Not talk to me, just shooted. Happy to stop URA, not like URA. Happy to not be all by self. Even shiny rock dull when too long with only shiny rock.




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