Raiders happy to trade for food. Me guarded to make them not do bad things. Other Bellers stay inside to help sick.

Dr Igor came out. Said trouble inside. Heard screams and gunfire. Ran to office, tentacle girl thing attacking Nemesis. Naomi just staring. Blank faced, like brain broken. Igor told to jump on thing and go down. Jump on thing, broke floor. Sorry about floor.

Below see tentacle thing huge. Tentacle thing grab Igor, Igor go limp. Me threw Igor away from thing. Tentacle thing grab me, me grab tentacle thing. Naomi fly in. Stop and face go blank again. Nemesis Talk her into brain work again. Naomi smash tentacle thing. Me hold it so she can smash. She smash it good.

JASON come and burn dead tentacle thing. Rest of sick get shot. Igor get better.

Talk about music of sick. Music of Gray mans. JASON and Naomi think wrong about music. Think it sound good. Me say gray mans music not good. Make me think of worse than bomb in head. Make me want to smash. Music of gray not good. They say music from me not music. Music from Naomi and Jason like gray mans music with broke strings. Music from girl Katee. Katee tentacle thing. Her music gray mans music, no broke strings. Next time hear sick music, music say who go Prophet, who go monster, who go zombie.

Will teach JASON and Naomi to think like me.




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