Bridge Out

Gathered by big truck to bring people to Jansens. They make trailer in back for me to ride. Nice people. Strange talking guy named Igor replace Doctor Sharpe. Also crazy. Also have laser gun and white coat. Scientist must mean crazy guy with laser gun.

Shane drived us. Nemesis on bike. Truck crashed into canyon. Shane bad driver? Not sure, bridge broken and covered with plants. I move truck, stopped by stabbing and shooting of raiders.

Many raiders shot at us, some have bikes, and cars. One is weird shouty woman. Not take long for us to beat them. Igor badly cut by chainsaw. Igor crazy. I try to keep between bad people and Igor. Trapped them in my spike wire trick. Igor ran around me, got self chopped up by raider. Then he not let Raziel heal.

Others do much talking with shouty lady. I not understand it all. She did something to Raziel head and to Naomi head. They got better, but not happy. Not agree on what to do with brain hurting raider woman. I asked if like bomb in head. Igor said worse than bomb in head.

Remembered URA prophet poking my brain. Made me let put bomb in head. Made me follow bad URA orders. Made me very very angry. Did bad thing. Crush woman who do thing worse than bomb in head. She dead now. Nemesis angry. Sorry did bad thing.

They talk to other raiders. Learn she “Hex Witch” not big boss. Big boss have raiders siege Jansens. Pack up raider stuff and head to Jansens.

- Lunk



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