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The FLUX gaming system.

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FLUX is a custom gaming system, intended for use with any genre of gaming. My intent is not to reinvent the wheel; just tweak it somewhat in ways I feel make sense. In that, I’m designing a system I feel strikes a good balance between cinema and real-world common sense. I’ve built the system from the ground up around a simple, unified base mechanic, and most of the complexity comes in options which can be figured outside of combat.

Most concepts in FLUX, like Stats and Skills, will be immediately familiar to most veteran players, and mostly self-explanatory to initiates; however, the system has two core concepts, both heavily cinematic and incidentally, both wholly modular and thus optional, that I feel set it apart:

1. Character Ratings: All player characters have a rating from 1-3 (extras, mooks, and otherwise non-heroic characters are effectively rating 0). This number is chosen at the time of character creation, and does not normally change. A character with a higher rating has access to more powerful powers, but receives fewer points with which to buy new traits. A character with a lower rating receives more points to spend, but becomes more limited in the types of traits he may purchase. This is one method by which the FLUX system can reasonably support a battle between characters of widely disparate power levels, i.e. Batman vs. Superman. Incidentally, many styles of campaigns may not use every rating. See Characters for more info.

2. FLUX points: an entirely cinematic system, and incidentally, where the game system gets its name. Like Action Points, Willpower, Mana, etc., FLUX points represent the dramatic shifting of the upper hand in a combat situation. As a character’s fortunes become more dire, he may gain more FLUX points, possibly enabling him to turn the tide. See System for more info.

While the Powers section obviously lends itself to the Superhero genre at this time, eventually, I hope to have Modules available for different genre of games, including Fantasy, Space Opera, and Horror. These would include options for powers, specs, skill lists, and even slight rules alterations to allow the FLUX system to simulate any type of genre.

As I find people to help me playtest and develop the system, things obviously may change. Right now, this could be considered an Alpha Version, mostly working but woefully incomplete.